Yoga In Healthcare

NPO acting for the inclusion of Yoga & Yoga Therapy 
in an integrative healthcare system in Belgium

yih vision

The YIH vision is to create a model for the integration of Yoga & Yoga Therapy into the healthcare systems. Since Yoga and Yoga Therapy are considered to be complementary, preventive and curative practices.

Integrative Healtcare

integrative healthcare

Integrative healthcare brings conventional and complementary approaches together.

To do that, it is necessary to establish a care that is well-coordinated between different providers and institutions. 

Furthermore, the approach is holistic and patient-focused. This means that the whole person is treated, rather than one organ system. 1Source: NCCIH

Yoga is a health practice that combines mental focus, controlled breathing and body movements. As a result, it helps relax both the body and the mind.
Vrikshasana 1

yih actions

How do we act to integrate Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the healthcare system?

So far, we have implemented four actions. Each of which has different targets, though in the same direction.

Here, our ongoing activities:

health centres

Collaboration with Health Centres to provide Yoga sessions for the patients and the medical/non-medical personnel.

sharing evidence

Dissemination of evidence showing the benefits of Yoga & Yoga Therapy for mental and physical health.

scientific research

Scientific research and academic partnership to develop a model of Yoga & Yoga Therapy in the healthcare system.


Building a network of stakeholders to integrate Yoga & Yoga Therapy in the Belgian healthcare system.

"We believe that the future of the healthcare system lies in the combination of modern medicine with Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Health and wellbeing greatly depend on the individual's lifestyle habits and personal story that are aspects tackled by holistic approaches."

yoga studio222

The initiatives of Yoga In Healthcare are financed by Yoga Studio222.

What is Yoga Studio222?

Yoga Studio222 is mind and body-oriented studio located in Saint-Gilles available for Yoga teachers to rent.

Thanks to the income of Yoga Studio222, YIH continues his mission.