Our Story

In 2018, Benedetta decided to create a NPO to promote Yoga in the Belgian healthcare system.
Convinced by the efficacy of complementary approaches, Sarah and Lieve embarked with her on this project 
and were joined later by Emily.

Benedetta (left) and Sarah (right) met back in 2007, working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Doctors Without Borders.
A few years later, in Belgium, Benedetta connected with Lieve (middle) through Sarah.


benedetta schiavetti


I’ve been working in international organisations as a researcher and as a consultant in supply, management and quality of essential medicines in resources-limited settings. I did a specialisation in pharmacological sciences and medical anthropology. It broadened my view of the different social and cultural beliefs regarding diseases and care. 

I’ve been practicing Haṭha Yoga for 15 years. Also, being aware of the limited scope of action of pharmacological treatments, my interest in integrative practices grew over time. In my opinion, the healthcare system would be more effective with the integration of non-invasive, cost-saving, holistic approaches such as Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Benedetta is a pharmacist and researcher in public health.

That’s why in 2018 I decided to found Yoga in Healthcare. To make yoga affordable and accessible for patients through health institutions and to build a Belgian network. A network of stakeholders sharing the vision of an integrated healthcare system.

Emily is a Yoga therapist and teacher, doula and public health specialist.
I truly believe that there is a Yoga practice out there for everyone and I weave between different yogic modalities to create practices and teachings that are gentle and accessible, focusing on acceptance, growth and healing.
I am currently completing a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

emily gold

Yoga and yoga therapy consultant

I was born in New York and I’ve been practicing Yoga since 2003. After completing my university degree in 2006, I travelled to Thailand where I discovered the joys of meditation.

Faced with seizures from a benign brain tumor in 2008, I learned of the healing power of Yoga, turning to my regular practice as a relief for the physical and mental pain I was experiencing. This healing path led me to pursue Yoga teacher training, beginning in 2013 and I became a Yoga therapist in 2017.  

lieve goeman


I worked for many years as a physician in primary healthcare settings in Belgium as well as abroad, in Africa and Southeast Asia, in health development programs. My education and work experience have given me a very broad insight in all kinds of health systems worldwide, both at macro and micro levels. Overall, I learnt that, for a human being to be healthy and happy, more is needed than the access to conventional medicine and the control of the standard health determinants. By that I mean a shelter, peace, food and water. People can benefit, additionally and enormously, from the availability of integrative therapies such as Yoga and Yoga Therapy. 

Lieve is a general practitioner specialized in tropical medicine & public health.
Times are changing in the globalised world. And I strongly believe that the initiative to integrate Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Belgian health system is needed and can contribute to healthier and happier people!

Sarah is a general practitioner specialised in tropical medecine.

Medicine is being challenged more and more in this new era, where a more holistic approach to the patient as a person and patient centred care are key. Raising resilience and self-confidence through the ancient practice of Yoga should be made accessible to all.

sarah swannet


I am a doctor and a mother. I graduated in 2003 and I have been working several years in Africa with Doctors without Borders. Nowadays, I’m working in different areas of primary healthcare medicine – still in contact with a particularly vulnerable population. I am working in a medical house in Brussels. Besides that I also work in a center for HIV/STI screening and in a center for vaccination of small children

I believe that Yoga is a useful contribution to conventional medicine practice, since not all can be cured with a ‘magic pill’ or intervention.

veronica voltolini

Communications and administration officer