Benedetta Schiavetti


I’ve been working in international organizations as a researcher and as a consultant in supply, management and quality of essential medicines in resources-limited settings. I did a specialization in pharmacological sciences and medical anthropology. It broadened my view of the different social and cultural beliefs regarding diseases and care. 

I’ve been practicing Hata Yoga for 15 years. Also, being aware of the limited scope of action of pharmacological treatments, my interest in integrative practices grew over time. In my opinion, the healthcare system would be more effective with the integration of non-invasive, cost-saving, holistic approaches such as Yoga and Yoga Therapy. 

That’s why in 2018 I decided to found Yoga in Healthcare. To make yoga affordable and accessible for patients through health institutions and to build a Belgian network. A network of stakeholders sharing the vision of an integrated healthcare system.

Benedetta is a pharmacist and researcher in public health.