Lieve Goeman


I worked for many years as a physician in primary healthcare settings in Belgium as well as abroad, in Africa and Southeast Asia, in health development programs. My education and work experience have given me a very broad insight in all kind of health systems worldwide, both at macro and micro level. Overall, I learnt that, for a human being to be healthy and happy, more is needed than the access to conventional medicine and the control of the standard health determinants. By that I mean a shelter, peace, food and water. People can benefit, additionally and enormously, from the availability of integrative therapies such as Yoga and Yoga Therapy.  Times are changing in the globalized world. And I strongly believe that the initiative to integrate Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Belgian health system is needed and can contribute to healthier and happier people !

Lieve is a general practitioner specialized in tropical medicine & public health.