ONGOING actions

Yoga In Healthcare has four main actions ongoing in this first phase of the action plan. Here, what we have been doing so far:

– establishing some collaborations with health centres;

– disseminating evidence about yoga for the health;

– searching for an academic partnership to do a research project; 

– creating a network of stakeholders.

All these steps are at the basis of the main project of the integration of yoga in the healthcare system.

Have a closer look at them!

Collaborations with HC

We organise sessions of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Health Centres providing certified Yoga teachers. In addition, YIH gives a few sessions for medical and paramedical staff. We also plan informative sessions about the benefits of yoga to the health.

Sharing Evidence

There is a growing body of evidence on the positive effects of Yoga for physical and mental health. For this reason, YIH aims to disseminate such evidence through different channels. Firstly, an online library of scientific publications. Secondly, information and links about Yoga and healthcare on our Facebook page. Thirdly, informative sessions about Yoga and Yoga Therapy for health.

Scientific Research

YIH’s ambition is to build partnerships with academic research teams. Our goal is to describe the existing models of Yoga integration in the healthcare setting and to document their feasibility and efficacy. Furthermore, we are willing to develop adapted models of Yoga and Yoga Therapy to the Belgian healthcare system


We plan to create a stakeholders network, including healthcare centres, Yoga therapists and academics. The objective thereof is building a national platform for the recognition, promotion and integration of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Belgian healthcare system.