What we do at Yoga in Healthcare (YIH)

Our commitments in a nutshell

Organize Yoga Classes and individual Yoga Therapy Sessions in healthcare centers:

The staff of the healthcare center identifies the potential beneficiaries of Yoga. After that, Yoga in Healthcare organizes the classes. We provide a certified Yoga teacher1,2, pedagogic support and equipment in some cases. The collaboration with the healthcare center includes informative sessions about the benefits of Yoga and Yoga Therapy for health. Moreover, we would also like to propose Yoga classes to the healthcare staff according to their availability.

Disseminate scientific evidences about Yoga for physical and mental health:

There is a growing body of evidence on the positive effects of Yoga for physical and mental health3,4Yoga in Healthcare aims to disseminate such evidence through the following means. An online repository of scientific publications presented with user-friendly summaries; information and links about Yoga and healthcare on our Facebook page; information sessions about Yoga and Yoga Therapy for health.

Promote scientific research on Yoga in healthcare settings :

Yoga in Healthcare’s ambition is to build partnerships with academic research teams. The objective thereof is to describe the existing models of Yoga integration in the healthcare setting and to document their feasibility and efficacy. Furthermore, we are willing to develop adapted models of Yoga and Yoga Therapy to the Belgian healthcare system. That includes research through programs in the healthcare centers in collaboration with the academic pole.

Foster the integration of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Belgian healthcare system :

Yoga in Healthcare plans to create a stakeholders network. It will include healthcare centers, Yoga therapists and other actors interested in the inclusion of Yoga and Yoga Therapy as a complementary preventive and curative approach in the healthcare system. The long-term objective is to create a national platform for the recognition, promotion and integration of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in the Belgian healthcare system

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Short-term, mid-term & long-term objectives :

YIH objectives

Yoga in Healthcare : together, we can !