Sharing Evidence

There is a growing body of evidence on the positive effects
of Yoga for physical and mental health.



We are building an online library in which we will publish articles, reviews and references.
We aim to create a section with user-friendly summaries that explain the benefits of yoga and yoga therapy for the mental and physical health.

Initiative on Facebook

Convinced about the fact that yoga is for every-body, we published a series of yoga poses each of which has one or more adaptations.
The eased poses were made with pillows, chairs, belts, bricks, ..
Here, some exemples of this project.

information sessions

In November 2019 we had our first information sessions in Brussels.

That event had the purpose to present our project, to share our vision, the action plan and its concrete objectives.
It was a gathering of healthcare professionals, yoga teachers and therapists as well as yoga students.

We envisioned that moment as an opportunity to connect two worlds,
to share experiences and needs, to exchange visions, as well as to create a community of action.

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