Yoga In Healthcare is an NPO established in Brussels in 2018. Our mission is to promote the benefits of Yoga in the Belgian healthcare system.

Mission Statement

Social Innovation

We strongly believe that positive practices, supported by evidence, should be translated into policies in order to foster social innovation.

A Belgian Model

The vision of Yoga in Healthcare (YIH) is to create a relevant model for an integrative health system in Belgium. Above all, we commit to promote health and well-being by making Yoga more accessible.

A Wideworld Network

YIH is inspired by The Minded Institute which is a world leader in Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness training. The Minded Institute works hands in hands with the UK National Health Service through the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance.

Similarly, many initiatives take place around the world to promote the integration of Yoga in the healthcare setting. Each of these models are adapted to the specific social, medical and cultural context.


  • Firstly, OBTAIN THE RECOGNITION of Yoga therapists and Yoga teachers, with advanced knowledge of yoga for health conditions, as PARAMEDICAL PROFESSIONALS from the Belgian health system.
  • Thirdly, DEVELOP A MODEL for the DELIVERY of Yoga and Yoga Therapy THROUGH EXISTING HEALTH INSTITUTIONS and reimbursement systems in Belgium.

action plan

The action plan of Yoga In Healthcare runs over 10 years and 3 phases (horizons in the table).

The phase I started in 2020 and will finish in 2023/24. This phase aims to implement free hatha yoga sessions in health centres in the Brussels region and neighbouring. We intend to familiarise medical and paramedical personnel about yoga and yoga therapy. Moreover, we want to inform yoga teachers about scientific evidence-based effects of yoga practices.

The phase II (2026/27) will pursue the integration of yoga therapy session into primary health care. To do that, we foresee a collaboration with an academic research group to implement a research project about yoga inclusion into the health sector. Afterwards, we will create a model for the integration of yoga and yoga therapy into primary health care in Belgium.

Finally, in the phase III (2030), we aspire to publish and disseminate scientific research about the project. Also, we intend to lobby and advocate for the inclusion of yoga and yoga therapy into the healthcare system.

Here, a summary of what we envision to achieve with this project in the following years.


H1 - by 2023

H2 - by 2026

H3 - by 2030

Provide free Hatha Yoga in Health Centres (HC)

Deliver free individual sessions of yoga therapy prescribed by the GPs in the HC

Familiarise health professionals about Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Inform and train Yoga teachers on evidence based yoga for health

Monitoring of on-going activities

Do research on the projects through partnerships with academic institutions (QT/QL data)

Publish on peer-reviewed journals dissemination

Create a community of stakeholders with a shared action plan

Establish a model of integrative healthcare for the recognition of Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Lobby/Advocacy for the integration of yoga/yoga therapy in the healthcare system

Who we are

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