Recommending yoga for health

Carryn Smit, Tina Cartwright,

Recommending yoga for health: A survey of perceptions among healthcare practitioners in the UK,
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, Volume 52, 2023,101765,ISSN 1744-3881


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Yoga has the potential to support patients with a range of health conditions and is gradually being integrated into healthcare in many countries. Although healthcare professionals are essential to this integration, no study existed on their perception of yoga for health, their willingness to recommend yoga to patients and the barriers to doing so. This study aims to fill this gap in part, by means of a qualitative survey sent out online.

248 professionals responded, of whom 198 met the eligibility criteria, including 18.8% general practitioners, 18.3% psychologists and 14.7% nurses. A high proportion (68.8%) practised yoga at least once a month.

The results of this analysis show that older healthcare professionals with a high level of personal commitment to yoga were willing to recommend yoga to their patients, but they nevertheless faced several obstacles. Particularly for GPs, information on how patients can access appropriate and affordable yoga classes would facilitate patient referral.

For a more comprehensive view, further research with a representative sample is recommended to understand the perceptions of healthcare professionals less involved in yoga.

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