Yoga for patients in the 1st line of care

A person-centred practice

Yoga is a mind-body practice (poses, breathing, deep relaxation and concentration).

Practicing yoga regularly enhances well-being by reducing physical and mental stress.

Through progressive practice, the person becomes aware of his or her strengths/limitations and needs. This promotes patients’ empowerment and self-management with regard to his/her health.

The person is supported in changing lifestyles through the identification of what is important to them, as well as through the group dynamics.

Towards integrated care

1st Line of Care

Interdisciplinary collaboration to improve Goal-Oriented Care (GOC) through Babble Boost cards.


A support for lifestyle change and better self-care for people suffering from, or at risk of, chronic diseases. An accessible, adapted and inclusive practice.

How to Adapt Your Lifestyle?

Session 1

– Group building
– Definition of individual goals
– Guidelines for the 10 sessions
– Tools for home practice

Sessions 2-11

Each session includes :
– Thematic talks on a wellness topic
– Physical and breathing activity related to the topic
– Guided relaxation
– Learning a breathing technique
– Sharing feelings about the session

Session 12

– Completion of the program
– Certificate of “Well-Being” participation
– Linkage to local well-being activities
– Follow-up of participants 3 months after the end of the program.

the YeS Groups - yoga and care

For whom?

The practice is designed for people living with or at risk of chronic diseases:
– cardiovascular risk;
– pre-diabetes type-2;
– mild to moderate stress, anxiety, depression;
– social isolation.


12 sessions of 2 hours per week, practiced on a chair or on a mat. Patients are referred to the program by their health care providers or are self-referred. Contact with the attending physician is required.

YIH provides

  • Certified professionals IAYT, Y4H ;
  • A toolbox to support home practice ;
  • Monitoring the impact on the patient’s well-being.

Yes Practice example


Registration will be completed by medical staff, or by self-referral for those who wish to participate in YeS Groups on a volunteer basis.

Forms are currently unavailable.

Medical form

self-referral form


The YeS groups are based on the UK’s NHS integrated yoga program, known as the Yoga4Health program, which has proven to have a positive impact on patients and the health care system. The integration of yoga into health care systems is already a reality in the UK, USA, Sweden.