A mind & body YOGA studio in the heart of Brussels

Yoga Studio222 offers a 40 sqm equipped space to rent to people that share our vision of Yoga, included all related practices, as a path towards a balanced mind, body and heart.

In a garden setting, Studio222 provides the peaceful atmosphere mixed with the right comfort to host groups of maximum 15 people.

All the benefits are invested to support the non-profit organization Yoga In Healthcare (YIH).

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PRENATAL YOGA Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00

COUPLES YOGA Saturday 13:30 – 16:00 (once a month)

PRENATAL YOGA TRAINING Friday 9:30-17:00 (once a month)

POSTNATAL YOGA TRAINING Friday 9:30-17:00 (once a month)


About Gina

"I have been practicing yoga since 1985. I am specialised in perinatal yoga, I train professionals in this discipline and regularly give training courses at the UPSFB (Union Professionnelle des Sages-Femmes de Belgique). I am a teaching member of ABEPY (Association Belge des Professeurs de Yoga). Graduated in journalism and communication (ULB), I am trained to become a yoga teacher by André Van Lysebeth and have been teaching yoga since 1994. I am nourished by encounters, travels, various approaches to yoga and other bodily practices. For the past twenty years my practice and approach have been inspired and deeply influenced by the Kashmir Tantrism movement as taught by Eric Baret. I am also trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and brief therapies by Thierry Melchior (ADREA asbl)."


VINYASA YOGA Monday 18:30 – 19:30 & Thursday 20:00 – 21:00;

GENTLE FLOW Wednesday 20:00 – 21:00;

YOGA INTRO Thursday 18:45 – 19h45;


About Elena

"I am an Italian yoga teacher currently living in Brussels. I started practicing yoga almost a decade ago without any prior background in any type of physical activity. In 2018, I completed my yoga teacher training - the most transformational experience of my life - and have been teaching vinyasa-based yoga since. Yoga taught me how a quiet mind sees so much more and opens your life to new opportunities. When I practice yoga, I am my best self. I teach a dynamic style of yoga where postures (asanas) are linked together in a fluid sequence and are synchronized with the breath. My classes are suitable for practitioners from different backgrounds and levels, as I am firmly convinced that this practice has the power to improve everybody's life if we allow it in."
Please note that these classes will be held in English.


VINYASA YOGA Monday 19:45 – 21:00

MarineBardin (1)

About Marine

"I started practicing yoga when I was living in India - originally to stay active in a country where I couldn't really go for a run but I quickly realised there was way more to it than just the asanas (poses). In 2019, I followed a Vinyasa Teacher Training and I have been teaching ever since. I deeply believe in the transforming and empowering qualities of yoga, both on and off the mat. Through the breath, we coordinate our movements, strengthen our body, improve our posture and take the time to reset and unwind. No competition, no comparison. Practicing yoga, means taking the time to slow down, to move mindfully and reconnect to oneself in a playful, creative and caring way. Everyone at their own pace."


VINYASA YOGA Wednesday 18:30 – 19:45


About Nirina

"After practicing synchronised swimming for almost 20 years, I turned to yoga, wanting to listen more to myself and to better understand the connection between body and mind. After a few years of practice, the desire to transmit my passion pushed myself to follow a Vinyasa yoga training. I describe myself as an eternal student who continues to train, especially in anatomy. I teach Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic practice consisting of a fluid sequence of postures synchronised with the breath. I pay particular attention to the connection between breath and movement, introspection and listening to oneself."


KIDS YOGA DANCE (4/6 yo) Wednesday 15h30 – 16h30

About Adeline

"My yoga practice started in 2018 on an occasional basis, then slowly became the essential routine for my well-being. Through it, I have learned to listen to my body, calm my stress through my breathing and reconnect with myself. After 7 years of dance and obtaining my diploma as a yoga teacher in 2019, it is quite naturally that I had the desire to combine my two passions. A sharing between the strength and softness of yoga and the expression and externalization of the body's emotions through dance. A beautiful way to let yourself go to the rhythm of the music and sounds that surround you. Dance yoga for your little ones is also a moment of sharing and calming after a long day at school, or simply to relax. They will feel the benefits of yoga while having fun and building their confidence."


HATHA VINYASA YOGA Friday 17:30 – 18:30


About Laura

"My name is Laura, I am a yoga teacher, artist and Gestalt therapist. After more than 5 years of practice, I traveled to Thailand and India where I trained as a traditional Hatha yoga teacher. I also spent 6 months immersed in the yogic life of an ashram near Chennai, India. I have also taken courses in Vipassana meditation, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha Raja and acroyoga. My previous studies in medicine also give me a deep understanding of anatomy. I have taught in India, Belgium, France and Spain. In my classes, I facilitate a practice of listening, respect and awareness of the body by combining the practice of asanas with breathing and relaxation exercises. A time to connect with the body and be in the present moment."


ASHTANGA YOGA Saturday & Sunday 10h30 – 11h30

About Irina

"My name is Irina, I am an Ashtanga Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. I settled down in Brussels in 2014, back then, I started practicing yoga to gain flexibility and escape from a sedentary lifestyle. Soon, yoga ceased to be a mere sports practice to become an ally to cope with anxiety and insomnia. Breathing helped me to connect with my thoughts, my values, my consciousness and my body. The pandemics gave me the opportunity to deepen knowledge and start a RYT® 200 training with YACEP® Ramon Moles. I guide Ashtanga primary series, with alternatives to ensure the proper alignments and respect of the body at all levels. The series comprises a sequence of asanas combined with the Ujjayi breath, the engagement of bandhas and gazing points. A regular practice improves strength, flexibility and concentration, a path to meditation."


SUNRISE YOGA Thursday 9:30 – 10:30

YOGA FOR INSOMNIA & BETTER SLEEP Tuesday 20:30 – 21:30

Giulia Carrarini

About Giulia

"My yoga journey started in 2014, when I discovered the practice through Ashtanga. After getting injured during my teacher training two years later, my approach to the practice completely changed. Yoga for me started from the body, and took me on an inner journey that has touched all corners of my life. Since then I have explored different practices and undertaken different trainings, which eventually led me to Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda. In my classes today, I try to bring together what I have learnt during these years, combining the dynamic quality of vinyasa with moments of self-exploration, relaxation and breath awareness. In these moments, you might find that the pace becomes a bit slower, in order to allow for this self-inquiry to happen."


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