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A mind & body Yoga studio in the heart of Brussels.

Yoga Studio222 offers a 40 sqm equipped space to rent to people that share our vision of Yoga, included all related practices, as a path towards a balanced mind, body and heart.

In a garden setting, Studio222 provides the peaceful atmosphere mixed with the right comfort to host groups of maximum 12 people. Ecological and sustainable equipment is also available on site 

All the benefits are invested to support the non-profit organization Yoga In Healthcare (YIH).

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The price will be adapted for bookings over one hour.

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Our Teachers

Here follows an outline of the teachers and their practices, including their social networks and contacts.



About Emmanuelle

I started yoga 10 years ago when I was looking for a way to balance my emotional and nervous state. After a few years of practice, I decided to go further by training to become a teacher in India. I came back with the tools to help people heal their bodies and minds. I have been teaching yoga full time in Brussels for five years now, while continuing to study human anatomy, different relaxation techniques and meditation. My students appreciate the creativity of my sequences, my good pedagogy, the precision of my instructions and my gentleness. This Yin Yang Yoga class is a mixture of everything I have learned over the years: a first part with an energetic Vinyasa flow to stimulate the whole body followed by Yin postures with gentle massages to relax deeply.


PRENATAL YOGA Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00


About Gina

"I have been practicing yoga since 1985. I am specialised in perinatal yoga, I train professionals in this discipline and regularly give training courses at the UPSFB (Union Professionnelle des Sages-Femmes de Belgique). I am a teaching member of ABEPY (Association Belge des Professeurs de Yoga). Graduated in journalism and communication (ULB), I am trained to become a yoga teacher by André Van Lysebeth and have been teaching yoga since 1994. I am nourished by encounters, travels, various approaches to yoga and other bodily practices. For the past twenty years my practice and approach have been inspired and deeply influenced by the Kashmir Tantrism movement as taught by Eric Baret. I am also trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and brief therapies by Thierry Melchior (ADREA asbl)."


VINYASA FLOW Mercredi 18h30 – 19h30

About Juliette

I started practicing yoga during a stressful time in my life when each class felt like a real breath of fresh air. As I began working as a lawyer, I was able to maintain my practice which has increasingly become a part of my life. In 2020, I finally trained as a yoga teacher and that was a revelation. I left the bar association so I could share the benefits of yoga! I also have a regular meditation practice that encourages me to stay grounded and get out of my comfort zone. I believe that the practice of asanas (postures), meditation and breathing exercises, are tools to build confidence and bring discipline, patience and strength into one's life. In a way, yoga means union. Those who know me are aware that I dream of a world of love and solidarity. I am convinced that the practice of yoga is one of the ways to get there. Sign up here 🙂


VINYASA FLOW Thursday 18:30 – 19:30

YOGA NIDRA Thursday 19:45 – 20:45

About Katerina

Explore the hidden messages of your body with these two classes that will connect you to yourself. In the Vinyasa flow class I alternate fluid movements with gentle static poses with the help of the breath. The class will be divided into 4 parts: meditation and connection to the breath, warm-ups on the floor, a more dynamic standing part and a long stretching and relaxation session on the floor. The Nidra yoga class allows for deep relaxation. Nidra or yogic sleep is the meditative part of yoga. It is practiced while lying down. We will start the session with stretching on the floor to prepare for lying down and I will guide you through the different meditative stages with the help of adapted musical instruments. An ideal preparation for a good night's sleep. The two classes can be taken consecutively.


YOGA with LARISSA Sunday 11h-12h

About Larissa

Welcome to the No-judgment Club, buddy! I teach and practice Vinyasa and Hatha, as well as the recently introduced Yin (to bring some softness to this world of bullies). I discovered yoga in 2018 during a pretty complicated time in my life (grief, breakup,...) and it literally saved me 🌼 Disconnected from myself, yoga taught me to listen to my body, to value it and revealed many treasures to myself. More than the physical aspect, yoga teaches a system of values, a framework and a lifestyle, which I believe allow us to live in a more serene, peaceful way. I want to offer you a safe place, a space where you can be yourself, without judging or comparing yourself. That you allow yourself a moment to listen to your body, to see it no longer as a "tool" to be performed, but as your partner, who does extraordinary, surprising and unexpected things when you take the time to cherish it! ✨So remember: Perfection lies in imperfection✨


VINYASA YOGA Tuesday 20:15 – 21:15

RESTORATIVE YOGA Sunday 17h30-19h

MASSAGES on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (pre booking required)

About Louise

My name is Louise, I'm 25 years old and after my master's degree in socio-cultural animation and continuing education, I began a transformative journey in Portugal in a retreat center and 200 hours of Vinyasa training in Spain, I share my passion for Vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga. I enjoy creating dynamic flows that blend body awareness and spirituality. Soon, I also became interested in physical touch and decided to train in Ayurvedic yoga massage and Wùo taï (Osteo dance). Today, I combine my knowledge as a massage therapist with my sharing of yoga.


VINYASA YOGA Monday 19:45 – 20:45

Marine Bardin yoga

About Marine

I started practicing yoga when I was living in India - at first to stay fit in a country where running was not really an option. I gradually discovered all the benefits of the movements, breaths and meditation. In 2019, I took a teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga. I immediately started teaching in companies while continuing to deepen my knowledge. A year later I trained in prenatal yoga and since then, I have been lucky enough to assist several super moms in their pregnancy. I am convinced of the multiple benefits of yoga, both on the mat and in daily life. No competition, no comparison. To practice yoga is to take the time to move with full awareness and to reconnect with oneself in a playful, creative and caring way. Each one at his own pace.


About Nastasja

I am passionate about body movement, between yoga and contemporary dance. Yoga is for me a time to explore body sensations. I propose vinyasa sequences to connect you to your vibrations. To find relaxation in the body. And to listen to yourself. In softness and dynamism. In the era of ecological transition, nature is an important element. So I created a tiny studio Atria, a space of artistic and spiritual connection between river and mountain. Continuously learning, with a certification in 200h YTT with Marc Pouw from Brussels Yoga Loft. For the last 2 years, I love to share and exchange with yogi.nis.

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